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9/11 Attack on America : Itz after effects on NRI Sikhz

Ideal Singh

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i was in school when it happend, i never really knew what EXACTLY happend until i was home! but yeah itz scary esp. the AFTERMATH of it all. IT MAKES me sooooo mad how some people were ignorant and selfish thinking that if you wore a turban, or assosiated with anyone with a turban that you are a terrorist. itz really sad thatt over 2 thousand people died. RIP

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Wen i woke up in 9/11 dat morning and switch 2 da news channel, I said "***t! Wot happen der, I hope dey don't fall." I didn't really kno how dis happend, but den later dat day found out dat planes went into da towers. Wen i saw dem fall, i could not even imagaine wot happen 2 those ppl in da buildings, i really felt bad.

But sum how i kinda nu dat da sikhs around da world especially in America were going 2 get it, den we did get da misidentity from most ignorant ppl dat didn't kno who we r or were we come from. Gals didn't wanna give me a second look, sum white ppl would look @ me and tink, "is he, or isn't he?"

Wen i went bak 2 uni 2 start my 2nd yr i felt sum of my friends didn't want 2 chat 2 me, because dey felt asshamed 2 b seen wid me?

Even sum muslims thought i was Muslims??!!!! Sum english ppl whould sware @ me in der trucks but i didn;t hear wot day said.

While all dis was happning i really felt like cutting my hair, but i started wearing my putka instead.

In da present days im kinda trying not 2 hate muslims since i've got sum muslim friends who r safe.

Da only good dat came out of dis all is dat i kinda held closer sikhi, looking 4 confort. I tink i have a closer relationship wid god these days den i didn't b4. i don't blame god as much as i used 2, i've started 2 say, "Its all ur Will god". I tink of god as being my friend, i never feel alone :D !

Wen Sept 11 2003 came i jus remebered wot i was feel dat dey, dat yr. i felt sooo bad bout myself. Wen i walked out, i felt all eyes on me as if dey were going 2 expect sumting 2 happen.

I wish tings were bak how dey used 2 b. I kno its not possible, now we hav 2 wait another 40yrs 4 exceptance and 4 ppl 2 kno who we r.

Da Chinese felt dis sameting dat we r feeling now at time of Pearl Harbour wen dey were mistaken 4 Japanese. And look how Chinese culture is like in American Cinema, i jus hope dat da same ting will happen bout us.

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