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Divorced a Malignant Narcissist

This is an unbelievably easy answer. It’s a very sick and sad answer, but easy. People don’t automatically identify the insidious nature that makes someone a Narcissist, because until you’ve had the extreme misfortune of dealing with one, no one can seriously believe that anyone is capable of their evil and irrational behavior.

Human beings are taught to reason with others- to compromise.

When an agreement cannot be reached, normal people simply agree to disagree, with the knowledge that everyone does not share the same viewpoint on everything.

Dealing with a Narcissist, defies all reason.

They have created their own delusional world in which they live, and the rest of us are terrible and stupid for not staking a tent in their reality.

It is difficult for someone who’s world (luckily) has not been devastated by these sickos, to believe anyone could be so self-righteous, devious, conniving, and just downright mean.

They make you look, and feel like the crazy one.

For example, you can’t tell a Narcissist, stop doing that, he doesn’t care. He will never see it as being harmful.

No conscience.

Zero remorse.

Complete lack of ability to comprehend the effects of his words and actions.

Narcs always screw up because they don’t think it’s possible for them to be found guilty. Just remember that. You just have to bide your time, as aggravating as it will be.


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