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I feel like a nursery student on this forum whereas others seem to be in higher school.


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4 hours ago, Kaur1510 said:

I know we have different experiences based on family backgrounds, past karamas, hard work we put on in meditation in this life but may I ask saadh sangat, for how long (months, years ) they have been practicing meditation/Waheguru Simran for?


Pen jee,

There are quite a few noble souls here who through their posts I can say that they have achieved some progress in about 3 , 4  years, but, as a general rule I can say that purity and love only for Waheguru, is what counts, than span of time or anything else, to have even a glimpse of His darshan...that also by His kirpa, but nevertheless in any case we should hold on tight on the pallav of His sacred Name, for in this way we can for sure draw His blessings, even if we are heavy sinners and dry in love and faith in Him.

His Nao is the only true refuge for one and all.


P.S: we can get inspired with someone's  experiences,  but we should not try to copy anybody, for our race and goal is not with others but with ourselves.


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