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"Only hindus will prevail"-hindu domestic terrorist shooting protestors

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9 hours ago, Jageera said:

And now you're being a Hypocrite. Threats unsettle you so much but what about the people who have to endure this in real life everyday being raped and murdered by hindus?What about the women being threatened?No sympathy for them eh since they're Muslim.lol

My birth name is Muslim. Why would I want to hurt Muslims? A lot of communities got mixed up and messed up and unjustly treated through centuries of war and sectarian strife didn't they?  All the same I don't support human rights abuses by anybody or against anybody... and I support a strong nationalist India that isn't broken into more Bangladesh-like states which actually do exterminate their minority populations. I enjoy Hindu religion, my ancestors were Hindu... because there are incredibly wise and beautiful teachings there... and would much rather be discussing those things rather than dirtiest politics. But, it has just become a pro-Khalistani forum, with a Hindu and other religion section... not entirely sure why.  Personally I don't view Khalistani militancy as any form of authentic Sikhism...

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https://www.trtworld.com/asia/only-hindus-will-prevail-suspected-radical-fires-at-protesters-in-india-33415 Suspected Hindu nationalist attacks anti-government sit-in in India's capital New Delhi

@Soulfinder See this above bro. It's why she isn't liked anywhere in Sikh circles.   No it's bhagwa which is more peach coloured than kesri.   The BJP did nothing to bring just

Veer ji its crazy stuff everytime i look on the news feeds social media its full of new problems developing.

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