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The Self is Beyond Both Sound and Silence

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A new realization emerged today -> 

  • The higher self is neither day nor night
  • The higher self is neither left nor right... nor behind nor in front
  • The higher self is neither man nor woman
  • The higher self is neither human nor animal 
  • The higher self is neither cold nor hot
  • The higher self is neither sound nor silence
    • Shabad is heard within the mind, but who is the one perceiving shabad (anhad naad sounds)?
    • Who is the one creating shabad?
    • If the higher self were silence, who is the one who perceives the silence? 
    • Who is the one who creates the silence
  • -------->>>>>>> If we are God, and God is us.... how can silence be God? We must be that thing that perceives both the silence and the noise

God is right here, right now. The divine energy is manifest all around. 


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