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How Sikh Girls Are Targeted - SYUK presentation

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Guest Singh One
33 minutes ago, dalsingh101 said:

This is a good presentation, though the way the slides seem to jump back and forth can make it a bit difficult to keep track. I think keeping the slides progressing in a chronological order without jumping back to previous ones could possibly improve it even further. Great sewa! 



Very disgusting and a painful reality ....

I would just wipe away these devils with something they are worthy  of, with a machine gun....

Bloody bastards ...


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Guest Singh One
17 hours ago, dalsingh101 said:

To me it seems more complex than that, the people targeting our community are operating in a wider national culture where pedophilia is covertly tolerated. That's why we had all the rampant pedophilia going on in the BBC for years, suspicious activity in Parliament itself and a blind eye turned towards decades of street level abuse of both apneean and lower working class gorian (in the thousands at least). It's now apparent that multiple police forces across England ignored this and even covered up for abusers. There is no way the political classes didn't know what was going on either. We can see the reaction to that women Labour MP in the slides who tried to highlight issues in this department in her constituency (she was removed from the front benches by the leader of her party Corbyn if I recall rightly). This is much wider than just perverts operating on street level. There has been complicity across agencies (like social services, media and the police, and even the political classes).  

People need to grasp that. 



I should add, this 'cultural context' in England is changing as we speak (albeit reluctantly) because people are challenging it. Many people would rather things continue as they were, but we should never accept that. Those brothers and sisters amongst apnay who have challenged this and made sacrifices in doing so should feel proud that they have forced the establishment to face this issue. Although (sadly) thousands of girls have fallen foul of the long standing attitude towards the problem over many decades, they should remember that thousands upon thousands of girls are likely to have escaped the clutches of sexual predators due to their efforts at forewarning potential victims. They made a difference in the face of very powerful adversaries who consistently tried to obfuscate and vilify them (and still do!) and this activism should continue until we don't live in a society where organised groups of pedophiles and rapists who target vulnerable members of our community operate with impunity. 


The thing is, when  authorities regularly fail in terms of security  for the ordinary people,  people should join to fight the evil of these bastards groomers and drug trafickers.

We could join with the whites also who suffer equally as apnay, to go and bat them by smashing the heads of these mother f.....s

Evil has to be uprooted, enough in closing eyes and looking the other sides...

We all know, from  which community and devlish dharam  these bastards are, and spring up as mushrooms all over, so, once the media identifies them, then the next step is to locate them, and smash them and teach them the lesson,  that they just can not play with our girls and ruin their lives...without getting the  due punishment.


P.S: I am not promoting any violence, for evil cannot go away without getting the due and proportional response


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