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Coronavirus - Covid 19


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On 5/27/2020 at 1:33 PM, Premi said:

dont think presenter should be using ‘Kaur’ in her name looking at the Instagram site 

how do you mean?

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On 2/15/2021 at 6:25 AM, Sat1176 said:

Just wanted to share what with happened with our family last month with Covid 19 in that someone may learn a few things that may help them.

Over the December and early January month our local gurdwara had continuous akhand paths going on in memory of the shaheedi of char sahibzadey and parkash gurpurb of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. My mother  does regular akhand path roals went there to do the seva against the wishes of my father. This was bit of a divided decision as on one hand her sharda believed nothing would happen, yet my dad is in his early 70s could be at risk if he were to catch it. She never went anywhere else apart from the gurdwara.  Anyway she attended the gurdwara for a number of days partaking in the akhand paths seva for couple of hours at the time.

On New Years day, which fell on a Friday we invited my mother over for a couple of hours to spend time with us. She was feeling extremely lonely and missed seeing us. The next day my mother started getting covid symptoms including aching body and slight fever. On the Sunday, I got her tested and her result came back positive.

By Monday my wife and Dad also felt like they were not feeling well. Within a few days both of them also tested positive. My mother just suffered with a fever for a few days, loss of appetite, body weakness. Dad had the same but also had a extremely bad chesty cough. It was really bad that he couldn't even speak without coughing. With Wahegurus kirpa both recovered parents recovered in around 10 days.

The first week of covid my wife had quite minor symptoms. Just general lethargy and slight fever. Rest for a few hours a day was enough. However in the second week things started getting a lot worse. She started diarreah and vomiting and couldn't keep anything down, really bad fever and totally bed bound. 

I had one of those finger tip Oximeter devices at home which state that the average person should have blood oxygen saturation levels of between 95 to 100. I recommend everyone get one of those and check your baseline levels when your healthy and well. Anything less than 93 should be a warning sign that your oxygen levels are deteriorating and you should be medically assessed.

My wife was hovering around 95 so wasn't too concerned but never the less because she had been vomiting for a few days now we called the NHS covid helpline. They noticed whilst talking to her that she was becoming breathless the more the conversation continued. They called an ambulance and had her taken to hospital for assessment. They discharged her the same day and just gave her some medication to help with the vomiting. However they stated that during the next 4 days she would either get better or worse next few days were critical.

The very next day I noticed that my wife was taking very short shallow breaths as she slept. Normally people are supposed to take less than 20 breaths per minute. She was taking roughly 30-35 breaths. By the morning her blood oxygen levels were between 85-90. She was taken into hospital again and after various tests they said she had developed Covid pneumonia in her lungs and needed oxygen therapy and steroids (Dexamethosone is the standard drug they give here in the UK). Luckily we got her in early and after a few days of oxygen therapy she was able to breathe on her own and was discharged. It was any extremely stressful time for the entire family.

A few days before her discharge I started getting symptoms of feeling very weak and feeling cold in the hands and feet. I was now also covid positive and spent the next few days in bed with general weakness and the occasional fever. I also developed the severe cough and on a couple of occasions coughed up slight blood. Took me about 7-10 days to get over it before things began to calm down. Have I fully recovered today? Absolutely not! I'm still getting dull aches in the left side of my chest and in my shoulders. My blood oxygen levels are ok  but I think I'm probably suffering from inflammation of the left lung and maybe even heart and have long covid. It's a really worrying when you have it and you certainly think about if your time is up.

Keep safe everyone and follow the government guidelines. We didn't, thinking we were fine and we paid the price. I was fearful for my parents because they are elderly and extremely worried when my wife was taken to hospital, not knowing if I would ever see her again. She saw a number of people die in front of her and it was a very traumatic time for her in the hospital. I recall the day the ambulance took her away and how hysterical and worried she was. Don't let it get that to stage people and  stay safe now.

Gurdwaras are now subsequently closed in east London but we now found out that 19 people got it Covid in the gurdwara in that period and probably more. My mother didn't inform the Test and Trace people that she caught it at the gurdwara as she didn't want to get the gurdwara in to trouble. Whilst gurdwaras are important part of our spiritual lives but they are a gathering places where anyone there can have covid and we wouldn't know it.  I know gurdwaras are struggling financially because of the lack of sangat and having to remain closed in certain areas. But I truly believe during this pandemic it is for the best they remain closed or don't allow people to stay for long. Sorry to say this but our people are not sticking to the rules and some people will pay the price with their lives. For example someone told us they believe they got covid from a sick person who was serving parshad with his hands. Why are we so reckless! The committees should be held accountable. I was deeply annoyed when I found out my mother did not tell test and trace that she had been to the gurdwara. How will we truly know if gurdwaras are a breeding ground for covid if our people don't declare where they have been properly.  We all have a collective responsibility. Anyway stay safe and keep your families safe.... 🙏



Are you and your family completely fine now Paaji? If yes, any side effects observed?


Bhul chuk maaf

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I apologize in advance for this. Truly. But medically out of compassion I feel like I have a responsibility to bring this up. 

CBD May Reduce Scarring

When the skin’s layers are damaged, the cells work to repair the injury with new collagen fibers. This produces scar tissue that looks and feels different from the surrounding skin. Scars can simply be unsightly, or they can interfere with normal functioning.


CBD supports the regeneration of skin cells and also limits the spread of damaged cells. Another way CBD helps scars heal is by regulating collagen production. When you apply CBD directly to a scar, it can help soften and smooth it, which reduces the appearance and texture of the scar tissue 

Not only could they be eaten for a variety of reasons but... Ahem...

They also sell cbds suspened in vegetable glycerin solutions that can be put in...an..umm...electric device...and turned into a vapor...and breathed in...to get the cbds on the lung tissue itself. 



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I recommend taking vitamin E, and doing short bursts of activity to get breathing up then rest and repeat. Coordinate breathing with movement pleasurably using Vaheguru however feels most natural. With in or out breath or both. 

I also recommend laying on a semi firm floor and rocking side to side, with and without the legs held into chest, and rocking back and forth along the spine like Aikido Ukemi. 

Ugh. They're all doing it wrong. Kind of like this but you only rock part way and do both sides. 



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