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Aahwal-Ul-Khavaakeen By Mohamad Kaseem Aurangabadi - Little known Persian source of Sikh history

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This appears to be a Panjabi translation of a little known contemporary Persian source of Sikh ithihaas. Put out by Balwant SIngh Dhillon, who also released an edition of Bhangu's Panth Prakash a few years ago. Great work by thesikhbookclub.com in putting it out for us. Haven't read it yet, but it appears to be shortish (66 pages):


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1 hour ago, chatanga1 said:

Yeah, I've seen that book. It's on my list to buy next time I go Panjab, but thanks for the share. Didn't know sikhbookclub had it.

That website is a great treasure trove for reading. More should be done to promote it.

You know what Chatanga. I'm seriously beginning to believe that only a small percentage of apnay are really, genuinely interested in this stuff?

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21 hours ago, chatanga1 said:

Yes I have known that for some time. What's a little weird about it, is that there isn't really a dearth of literauture concerning the Panth, but still people are very reluctant to sit donw and read what there is available.

They'd rather watch some caste aggrandising Panjabi movie instead the intellectually lazy buggers!

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