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Need some back-up at Ahmadiyya.com forums


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Can some intelligent Singhs help me out a little at http://ahmadiyya.ibforums.com/index.php

I post as Hari Singh.They have a sub-forum on Sikhi.

If you know about Ahmadiyya Muslims, you'll know they are very tolerant of other faiths, they really love Satguru Nanak.But unfortunately they can't seem to stop calling Satguru Nanak a Muslim, meaning that He accepted Islam, went to Hajj (udasi to Mecca etc), read from Quran, wore a Muslim chola (Chola Sahib).They won't back down from this belief of their's.Other than that, they respect Sikhi.

I've even posted some Gurbani, check out:


What other Muslims would let you post Gurbani on their forums?

Don't get angry with them, but please participate in the Sikhism forum led by a guy called Shield.He's a pretty cool guy, a gora non-sectarian Muslim, who has a healthy curiosity with Sikhi.I believe he's even been to a Gurdwara Sahib in Canada.He's a member of this forum too.

Anyway go to: http://ahmadiyya.ibforums.com/index.php?s=&act=SF&f=44

Make some intelligent dicussion with the well-meaning(?) but deluded Ahmadiyyas.

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Bhairao, Fifth Mehl:

varath n reho n meh ramadhaanaa ||

I do not keep fasts, nor do I observe the month of Ramadaan.

this saevee jo rakhai nidhaanaa ||1||

I serve only the One, who will protect me in the end. ||1||

eaek gusaaee alahu maeraa ||

The One Lord, the Lord of the World, is my God Allah.

hi(n)dhoo thurak dhuhaa(n) naebaeraa ||1|| rehaao ||

He adminsters justice to both Hindus and Muslims. ||1||Pause||

haj kaabai jaao n theerathh poojaa ||

I do not make pilgrimages to Mecca, nor do I worship at Hindu sacred shrines.

eaeko saevee avar n dhoojaa ||2||

I serve the One Lord, and not any other. ||2||

poojaa karo n nivaaj gujaaro ||

I do not perform Hindu worship services, nor do I offer the Muslim prayers.

eaek nira(n)kaar lae ridhai namasakaaro ||3||

I have taken the One Formless Lord into my heart; I humbly worship Him there. ||3||

naa ham hi(n)dhoo n musalamaan ||

I am not a Hindu, nor am I a Muslim.

aleh raam kae pi(n)dd paraan ||4||

My body and breath of life belong to Allah - to Raam - the God of both. ||4||


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Guest BikramjitSingh

Hari Singh

I have been on that forum and to be totally honest it's a waste of time discussing intelligently with them. You need to understand that if they accept the truth that Guru Nanak was not a Muslim then they have to admit that their 'prophet' Mirza Ahmed was at best misinformed or at worst a liar. So they keep to they blind faith that Guru Nanak was a Muslim.

I am surprised that you state that the Ahmediyas 'love' SatGuru Nanak !. How can they love Guru Nanak when they wilfully and maliciously misrepresent his life and teachings ?

Gurbani tells us not to argue with fools and in the case of the Ahmediyas I take that advice to heart.



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Guest Javanmard

Best way of getting rid of AHmadiyas is to displace the argument.

If they say that Guru Nanak was a MUslim the repsond : But you guys are no even proper Muslims. the Ahmadiyya community has officially been declared a non-Muslim cult by most Islamic (both Sunni and SHi'a) institutions. This institutions are the Islamic Conference and Al Azaar.

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