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Dalsingh and jageera please make peace and move on


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The main thing here is respect. Whether we agree on something or not, that should not be the base to laugh at someone or insult him/her.

For once one bad word is said, that triggers more anger and hatred, then usually one loses the inner balance and is lost in nonsense.

We are all members here, and absolutely all are respectable, right from A to Z.

So please let us be careful, by addressing each other with utter respect, it costs nothing man.

We need not agree with everyone, so what? 

Are we mad?

I know there are people who are narcissist, or like bullying, creating conflicts,  being negative, jealousy,  short minded, to them, a request is placed to leave away, and let the rest of the members stay in peace and harmony.

We all come here to share, and to learn something, so please let us behave.

Being polite and respectful costs nothing, rather it strengthens human values.



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