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8-10 hours of Waheguru Jaap everyday!

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Came across this video , thought i would share it here. Answered many of my questions.

Sant waryam singh ji was also the first spiritual teacher of Bhai Simranjit Singh Tohana.

Sant Jis bachans are 100% sat and in Gold, if we follow I am sure we can benefit.

in the following video, sant ji talks about 4 types of baani. 2 key points that I found were : if one wants to reach somewhere in this janam and does not want next janam then they should do 8-10 hours baikhari baani jaap in initial stages, if one is busy with their work and want to wait till next janam then they should atleast do 2.5 hours baikhari baani as a beginner. 

May Guru ji bless us all with His Naam Japa 🙏🏽


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