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Guest Food & Drink

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Guest Food & Drink

What is the optimal nutritional regime for health & longevity? (this is not a vegi vs meat topic or anything like that, so dont start)

I believe in Gurbani it says to talk little, sleep little and eat little. Is this just from a spiritual perspective so one can concentrate on bhagti or is this also best for optimal health? I know that intermittment fasting is popular these days and caloric restriction studies have shown positive effects on health and longetivity.

I've heard in some samparda's they eat only twice a day, is that true? Can anyone shed further light on this that may have stayed with nihang dals or taksal etc or how/when they eat etc?

Also why do nihangs call tea tidh fookni lol?

Are there any other references in Guru Granth Sahib Ji...or even Dasam Granth or Sarbloh Granth in regards to health & diet? This topic interests me so it would be good to hear whatever knowledge people may have

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