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Seeing Energy

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Guest Prabh26

Hello brothers and sisters, hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe :)

About two-three years ago, around the same time i began delving into my spiritual journey, I realized I could SEE energy. I see a buzzing, almost static-like, energy around me. During certain times of the day it is more prevalent. Sometimes I could also see orbs, I even have pictures. I keep my vibration super high and of the light, so don't worry, I am not attracting any negative entities. Through research I found there are many other spiritual folks who experience the same thing. I am wondering if and how Sikhi may tie into this?? Is there any connection? Would anyone have any deeper insights? I know this may sound crazy to some, but it is very real! This all is happening on its own, I have not tried to induce anything. 

My apologies if this is too out there!

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