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Advance Gurmat texts for serious Naam Abhiyaasis

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23 hours ago, Sajjan_Thug said:

Waheguru Ji

Seeing there is lack of good advance Gurmat spiritual texts in one place in English, I created this small collection where Naam  Abyasees can find many useful insights and have many questions answered on their journey to Waheguru.


1. Forgetting The Way Of Love By Bhai Sewa Singh Ji Tarmala


Deep spiritual book on Naam Simran and step by step guide on how to meet God by Bhai Sewa Singh Ji Tarmala



2. Longing Love For The Truth - Bhai Sewa Singh Tarmala


Panj Shabd
Going across Bhavsagar
Going across Trikuti
How to merge Truth (Nirankaar)

A step by step guide to Waheguru



3. Loving longing to be one with the Creator by Bhai Sewa  Singh Ji Tarmala 

In a question and answer format the deepest Gurmat questions are answered:
Where is Nirankar?
What is Anhad Shabd?
What is Dasam Dwar?
How to do Simran to overcome Maya?
And more...

Download pdf


4. Anhad Shabad Dasam Duaar  by Bhai Randhir Singh Ji Akhand  Kirtan  Jatha

Gurbani mentions Dasam Duaar (the 10th Door), Anhad Shabad,  and Panch Shabad many times. Bhai Sahib in great detail has explained these concepts in the light of Gurmat.

Download pdf


5. Unditthi Duniya by Bhai Randhir Singh Akhand  Kirtan  Jatha

A mystical book on the “unseen” world. According to Gurmat.  Heaven, hell and Dharam Rai. Life beyond this world.

Download pdf


6. Charan Kamal Ki Mouj  by Bhai Randhir Singh Akhand  Kirtan  Jatha

This book is about the Charan Kamals of Vaheguru. How do you wash Guru Sahib’s Charan and drink them? This book also talks about inverted Lotus at the navel and how it becomes straight through Naam Abhyaas

Download pdf


7. Bandginama by  Bhai Raghbir  Singh Ji

Gives great overview of Simran with many practical tips and advice.  Different stages are described and how to overcome illusions that might be faced on the journey to Waheguru. 

Download pdf


8. Atam Darshan volume 1 by Bhai Sher Singh Ji

What is Sahej Awesta?
What is Hukham and Karma and their relation? 
What is Naam Upashna

Download pdf

Veer ji here is a list that dass would recommend as these books which have helped me to gain more understanding of Gurmat as they are in English so i will make a list as they are very good reading material.

Divine Mystic Reflections on Gurmat Book 1 & 2  & The Miracle of Ardaas these books are amazing and they changed my life a lot.

Se Kinehiya By Baba Sewa Singh. This book is amazing journey of Baba Harnam Singh Ji a very good book full of pratical experinces.


In search of the true guru. by Bhai Rama Singh Ji i have read bits of online as i don't have a copy. This is a eye opener of one's journey to Sikhi from Hinduism searching for answers.


Bhai Sahib Raghbir Singh Bir Ji is another good choice as i want to buy their books.


Andhitee Duniya by Bhai Randhir Singh Ji (although i have not read all of it it has very distrubing truths of death and the soul ghosts etc according to gurmat and personal experinces)


Anhad Shabad Dasam duaar by Bhai Randhir Singh ji a detalied glimpse of the stages of simran. Although i have read bits not full.


Jail Chittiaan and Autobiogrphy of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh. I don't have this book but i read online bits of it it is really good. I have heard how peoples life got changed by reading this book is amazing of how Bhai Randhir SIngh Ji was a Gursikh and his journey from college to jail is a masterpiece.


I hope this list helps anyone who is reading this post or topic.

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