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Gur Mere Sang - The Guru Is Always With Me


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'I close my eyes and try my hardest to hold onto Vaahi-guroo's feet, but He kicks me away'.

As the sunset of life approached, I looked back across the miles of sandy beach, remembering the sunrise and how I'd set off on the wonderful journey of life. Along the way I could see 2 sets of footsteps, at other places I could see only one set. I faced the vast and deep ocean, the cool air soothed my soul....'My beloved Vaahi-guroo jee, most merciful and compassionate Lord, I have a question for you. When I look at my life I see you were walking right their beside me, but I noticed that when I was going through the hardest time, when I was suffering in sorrow and drowning in depression, there was only one set of footsteps. O Vaahi-guroo jee, why did you let me down? Why weren't you their at those times when I needed you most?'

A warm breeze blew past and dried away my tears, a seagull flew past and I lifted my chin, Vaahi-guroo Jee's answer came inside me 'O My beautiful child, my precious bhagat, there were only one set of footsteps in the sand because that was when I was carrying you.'

Gur mere sang SADA ha nale - Guru is ALWAYS with me.

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