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Chairs and Tables in Langar

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Hi Sikh Awareness,
I am studying religion in school and researching the question: 'What
viewpoints exist within Sikhi regarding the inclusion of chairs and tables
in ‘Langar’ halls?'
It would be great if you could complete the survey below and/or comment
your views on this below. It would also be appreciated if you could forward
this to other Sikhs!

Thank you and have a great day!!

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19 hours ago, Arnav said:

I cannot understand Punjabi very well @Soulfinder

Could you please inform me of the key points raised in the video. Thanks so much :)


Hanji veer ji some of the points in the video are that its against maryda to have chairs and tables in langar hall as sri guru amar das ji maharaj could have started this but didn't as they wanted all people sangat to sit equally and have langar.

Also bringing in shoes has made the langar hall into a restaurant,hotel like atompshere at the gurdwara.


The langar hall chairs are designed for people who are either eldery or the disabled but as the bhai sahib says in the video he saw ladies who had dyed their black and were sitting on the chairs when they weren't acting their age.


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On 9/5/2020 at 4:11 AM, Arnav said:

Hey Soulfinder and chatanga1, than you so much for your replies.

Here in SA, there is one Langar hall with chairs and tables. However, it is shocking to hear that shoes are allowed in some Langar halls. Also, thank you so much for the video Soulfinder.


What or where is SA?

Shoes in the langar hall are usually where there are only tables and chairs. I have only seen some ramgarhia gurdwaras in the UK that still only have tables and chairs. Whereas most Gurdwaras have provisions for both.

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