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Adrenochrome Harvesting. Know the reality of this dark world.


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This post might shock you and you might think this is just conspiracy or it doesn't actually happen, but read the full post and decide for yourself. 

Our body's glands produces hormones which are basically like juice. In Gurbani these are called Ras guddi. Ras meaning juice, and guddi refers to the glands. 

Adrenochrome is the ras/hormone that comes from the Adrenal gland. Evil people (for lack of better word) take children, torture them alive, extract this ras, and use it for "health" benefits. They probably inject this just like people inject testosterone or human growth hormone. There is a market and demand for this as well. If you don't believe me, follow this simple logic; 

  • We know that Child trafficking and even child prostitution is real. 
  • We know that Organ harvesting is real and very common as well. 
  • We know that people kill animals in a slow painful manner thinking their meat will be healthier (halal, etc.) 
  • We also know that people in Asia, Russia, and worldwide really, search for and eat "foods" like raw snake heart, etc. in search of health, youth, and to last longer in bed.

Connect all these dots. Just like there is light, and dharma in this world there is darkness to that same extent. If a man is not given real knowledge and has "power" (money), and gives himself to lust, etc. he keeps dropping lower and lower each day, and it keeps getting harder to escape this downwards cycle. To run away from the heavy burden and sin on their soul, they engage in maya more and more and try to fulfil whatever passionate desires come to mind. Anyways, I am talking common sense here, but as Sikhs it's good to be aware of the realities of the outside world as well. 

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https://youtu.be/pNzwy6ZFnuk?t=119 - snake heart video, 

Organ harvesting is just so common. 

800,000 children go missing in United States every year. And that's USA. Imagine India, etc. 

To extract the adrenochrome hormone they have no option but to have the children be tortured alive, so he/she can excrete this ras. 

Child abuse of their own children is just so common, around 600,000 reported cases in USA per year. So imagine random children and an actual motive to inflict pain...  They probably make a ritual when they torture the children; they are sick like that. 


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