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Auctioning of Sikh historical artifacts.


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He may have got a better response by approaching the matter in a different way and ensuring the Gurbani was treated with respect. It looks like he went in there alone. Are there no Sikh organisations he could have approached for support? With enough pressure and publicity in the right way the outcome may have been better.

Unpopular opinion: From a political point of view we did lose the war and this is generally what happens when someone loses a war. They have weakened to the point where we can make scenes like this without retribution but unless our political clout rises again we're a mosquito disturbing a buffalo. They'll never respond well to this kind of protest, he'll be treated as nothing more than a heckler and a bully. A more diplomatic approach with sufficient pressure and publicity could have worked better.

Consider the current political strength of China, who hasn't been able to get their artifacts back yet, and the supposed ally Greece who hasn't been able to get theirs back either.

Eventually something will give, with enough pressure from multiple fronts, and there may be a watershed moment.


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