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Hot Air (Ego - Haumai)

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Hot Air (Ego - Haumai)

At PanJa Sahib Gurdwara in Pakistan there is a huge boulder with

Guru Nanak Dev Ji's hand print pressed into it. A muslim holy man

living outside the village on a hill top. The villagers did ardas

to guru nanak dev jee saying the selfish holy man had control of all

the water and wouldnt let it pass to the villagers. The holy man

refused to listen to Guru jee, so Guru jee blessed the lower ground

and water started flowing into the village, the holy man's water

dried up. Seeing Guru Nanak at the foot of the hill, he used his

powers to send a huge boulder flying like a missile at guru sahib.

Guru jee put up his hand to stop it and the palm impression is still


Why tell this story?

Well, I am like the selfish holy man, I am very proud of sikhi and

the hot air of my ego puffs up into a huge boulder which I shoot at

everyone who is in striking distance. But to protect everyone Guru

jee has sent his humble gursikhs blessed with Guru Nanak Dev Jee's

shaktee(power) to put their hand in the way and stop my ego missiles

from hurting anyone.

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