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The Golak should not be infront of Guru Granth Sahib Ji


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This is a difficult kinda issue.  As ragnarok says it's an offering to guru sahib at his charan, which is what it's  "supposed" to be. We matha tek and put our foreheads at the these very charan.  However, I also understand that the golak is seen as a vault of cash that leads to many administrative issues within guru ghar.  The behavior of  manooks in maya makes them forget where they are and what they should really be doing with the funds.

Because of these such issues, i can imagine that some of us may see the golak in a negative light.  

is there a solution?

Yes, I think there could be, though we need to educate ourselves on what seva is really supposed to be.  Majority of Guru ghars in the west have paid sevadaar, granthies and other staff. They are on payroll and guru's darbar is like a business model where management aim to pay necessary costs and wages whilst at same time profiting the remainders.  Now, the main point that i want to make is that those on payroll often forget they are doing kamayee of Karams and not seva as they may make themselves believe.

 In simple words, if one goes around doing ustat of waheguru and helping in the practical running of guru ghar, then they are doing pure seva. (no cash in return) But if someone is doing these things whilst getting some cash in return, then they are making and fulfilling new karams.  It doesn't get the same kamayee as pure selfless seva.  I'm sure most members on here will understand this.    Bearing this in mind, I have only heard of ONE gurudwara in South Shields UK (North east England)  that operates in this manner.   This Gurudwara  does NOT have a golak from what I last heard and has no sevadaars or employees on payroll.  

Gurdwara Khalsa mero roop hai  kaas - South Shields UK




Now, that I've made my point about seva and karams, I'd say that it would be ideal to place the golak to the side as per below post by @harsharan000 The golak is needed because many of us would feel incomplete without doing a charaavha.  


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