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is nature god ?? like dhadrianwale is doing parachar taht kudret is everything and that there is no god. please enlighen me

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1 hour ago, sevak said:

Who is “that”’person that says there is No God?

The moment you say there is No God. You already proved the existence of God.



12 hours ago, sahilpreet singh said:

is nature god ??

The God is the Creator of nature and creation, is part of it and without it. The creation and nature is not God. 

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13 hours ago, sahilpreet singh said:

is nature god ??

No, nature can never be God, for Nature is something created by God from the 5 tattwas, and as such, the creation by itself is insentient or consciousless.

Other thing is, that creation is populated by jeevas (the Jot flames of God) or atmas, at different levels of consciousness throughout the creation or call it Nature.

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Key is in Pavan Gurbani- Sukhmani sahib 21st asthpadi and gurbani question and answer.  


First 0;40 search is over- Sehaj- Parameshvar Vahiguru we come from and go back- source and target- Vahiguru/Ikongkar/Ikaongkar, target- Vahiguru/Ikangkar/Ikongkar - undefined infinite effortless infinite Vahiguru- Awareness/Turitya atith then further fragmentation starts of thoughts- universe/multiverse/khands/bhramands/ 4 types of mukhti/reincarnation.. I am willing to learn more and grow more, vahiguru is beant beant. The way i understand this, this takes precedence over ongkar/oankar dhun/ anhad shabad/shiv shakti ( aad shakti- khanda) which is again fragmentation which is required for us only bhramgyani karaks can approach it directly with gyan but its good to know.





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