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For Naam to truly work, Gurbani needs to be applied, it needs to be a practice of Bandgi during the day, in your everyday life. All that needs to be done is for the gyan of gurbani to be applied, ie thought of and practiced during the day. 

ie, if someone tries to wind you up, and you feel a lot of anger rising, remember they’re just God dressed up and don’t fall for it, it’s just Maya. If an attractive woman walks past, see her as a sister and for woman see men as brothers, other than your spouse or someone who’s actually your type if looking for someone.


Be kind and compassionate towards yourself and love yourself as Truth, as a part of God first and see God as others too. Be forgiving, accept you’re not perfect. Be humble, don’t have trishna (ego of Seva) etc. Be content with what you have etc.  Even rising to nindya can be ego, because we’re Nothing, just the Beautiful Truth. Things like the above are examples of how to live life everyday. And remembrance of the gyan is like japping naam.  Naam is Truth. 

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