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3 hours ago, sevak said:

Anybody enjoy taking a new notebook and flooding the pages writing “Waheguru” or “Mool Mantar”?? 

Brother I do not want to dissapoint you, but we have to understand that spirituality has to be done within the mind, if only we want to go beyond the spheres of matter and mind.

The purpose of real bhakti as suggested by Guru Jee, is to loose oneself into it, for if any counting is done with the body/mind, means that we are much with the body, and the body or mind is a barrier in our spiritual path within, which can only be overcomed by submitting oneself completely in the jaap of His Naam.

Then too, when He has given us so much without any limits... we make big countings and tell Him, here you have this much from me....

Let us ask ourselves, could this be correct?

Can ever a child repày anyhow his father´s/mother´s selfless love for him even before being born? Does ever a parent want his childs earnings?

Nope, they do not even look at that. For what they only want is, that their child hugs them closely and tightly . This much is what they want.

Now, if the child shows them a petty handful of cents/pennies from a distance, and says here are these  for you and goes away, in which way has that child make his parents happy or make them feel being loved? 

For that is what we do with our huge countings, we are just waiting to finish the countings and get up as soon as possible and go away.

So sad, so pitiful.

If our countings were the real bhakti, we would surely have derived some"rus" from it, and not wanting to get up, for when we merge into His sacred Name, we taste that Amrit which wants to make us keep on going with that devotion, and not wanting to get up.

That is a sign of our devotion being accepted at His darbar, and in return by His grace we taste that Amrit within us. 

It is not the time, the quantity what He wants from us, it is the quality of our prem, of our pyaar, what He looks/expects  from us.

You know what, when we merge into His jaap, it is like going towards Him and hugging Him, for only then,  I, me, mine, do not exist, only He and our jeev atma exist, without any distances or barrirers.

This is the "prem" He expects from us, and this is the quality of prem which Gurbani refers as "Jin prem kiyo, tinhee Prabh paayo".

In this type of prem, the lover ceases to exist, and only the Beloved(Waheguru) exists. 

In true love, only the beloved exists, for in that type or quality of love, we get merged into it, and directly  reach the Beloved´s heart.



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22 hours ago, sevak said:

Anybody enjoy taking a new notebook and flooding the pages writing “Waheguru” or “Mool Mantar”?? 

I personally haven’t done that but its called Likhita Jaap. Many traditions employ this method to stabilize mind. Some sants mentally write naam or mantra in front of them or their agya chakra, i will try to find a link and post it for you. Do you understand hindi?

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