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I was reading a form on a Gurmukh explaining that there head bobs and they fall asleep and wake up and the other Gurmukh explained that they were going in and out sehaj for a few seconds though with Maharaj's kirpa i have had simran sessions in Amritvela where while doing simran (with live online class) i fell alseep and suddenly woke up after about an hour. First, I though that i just closed my eyes for a little and opened them, but to my concern almost an hour had passed and I thought that that session had no point since "i feel alseep" but the weird thing is that my AmritVela Simran goal is 1 hour and "i woke up" when my session was going to be over also when "i woke up" i didn't feel tired, i thought maybe its because i wasn't getting enough sleep and just felt refreshed but usually when i wake up from sleep i feel tired and heavy. But after i read the form and noticed that i was having the same experience as the gurmukh ji also my head also bobs there has been only a few times where i fully "fell alseep" but now im thinking that wasn't sleep it was sehaj. I was listening to Bhai Simranjit Singh Ji's Katha and he was saying the process of reaching Nirankar and the process of going into Suun. So i am kind of confused should i be trying to go into Suun and whatever happens in the process let it happen just let it happen because Ive also heard Bhai Ji say (oh neend nai ah oh suun ah ohn tho) so he saying sehaj and suun are the same or you need sehaj to get into suun. Should I be aiming for Sehaj? Please Sadh Sangat Jio I just want to reach Nirankar Ji but only with kirpa this can happen, but please tell my the right jugat.


Bhul Chuk Maaf


Edit: Listening to another katha by Bhai Ji, in Sehaj there is also shabad playing so apprently it was just sleep.

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Go and listen to the file Simran_Practical_Bachan_by_Bhai_Kuljit_Singh_Raunta_Ji_0414_04152021.m4a in the Gurmat Meditation telegram group. You will find your answer in there. Go to the classes and spend time to learn the techniques of what you need to do for yourself. You need to put in the time and effort Bro. Go to the Q&A sessions and ask your questions. 

I can share what I have understood so far but that might change later down the path.

Basic simran steps outline.pdf


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