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Will the Internet be Shut Down?

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8 hours ago, paapiman said:

@sarabatam - Did the internet go down for sometime yesterday?

@dalsingh101 @Premi @Soulfinder - In UK?

@GurjantGnostic - In US?


Bhul chuk maaf

Not that I noticed?

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48 minutes ago, GurjantGnostic said:

If russia had the capability we wouldn't be getting war footage via ukraine internet. So I think they're bluffing. 

I think they'd be targeting government/infrastructure stuff anyways? 

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On 2/24/2022 at 10:13 PM, paapiman said:

There is also a possibility that Governments might restrict the use of Internet.


Bhul chuk maaf


People need to save (on our computers, hard drives, etc) lots of stuff, in case the internet goes down. Daas saw another video, where a reference was made to internet being shut down in the future.

Stuff like:

  • Entire Kathas of Sri Aad Gurbani, Sri Dasam Gurbani and Sri Sarabloh Gurbani
  • Other Kathas
  • Pdfs of Sikhi related books (including Teekas)
  • Kirtan
  • Buy some books (non-Sikhi related) to read
  • Save some songs which you like

Any other ideas?


Bhul chuk maaf

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