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Energize your Frequency with Food


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We all know that you are what you eat.

If you eat nutrient-poor, unbalanced, processed food, your energetic vibration will be drastically reduced.

You will feel tired, maybe a little sad and discouraged. The people you interact with will feel your low energetic frequency (even if they don’t know what that is). You will struggle to attract the things in your life that you desire and, over time, a heavy density will grow around you.

But, if you choose nutrient-dense, balanced, fresh, gorgeous, colourful, vibrant foods, it’s like a supercharge for your energetic frequency.

You feel alive, awake, in tune with the universe, and people around you notice your glow. You find that you easily and effortlessly attract the things you most desire and the density evaporates.


[1] - Top 10 Foods for Raising Your Vibration - Happy earth people


Bhul chuk maaf

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