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Telegram - Amrit Vela motivation Group

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Group to help & motivate sangat to wake up at Amrit vela. Those having difficulties, those wanting to wake up, but cant and those who already have a routine setup. 

Please join this group https://t.me/joinchat/BLA_8V09CE82MDZh

Amrit Vela is the secret weapon against KalYug. 
You need telegram app on your phone. Its a motivational group to get people to wake up at Amrit Vela.

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31 minutes ago, mahanpaapi said:

Thanks for clarifying re Telegram. Mangal Dhillon and his group, jointly and individually espouse a particular unfounded view, and carry a strong aversion to Sikh Sants and they do discount outer rehat, like dil saaf view or new age idea.

Are you sure that Mangal Dhillon is against Gurmukh Mahapurakhs? Why is that?


Bhul chuk maaf

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Mangal Ji, has done a lot of great work for the Sikh panth.
For eg.:

- Shabads translated into Hindi and sung in kirtan form.

- Lot of videos / films made on Sikh faith

- Lot of effort put into place to educate hindus about Sikhism.

People who didnt know anything about Sikhi, are now reading bani etc. Learning about Guru Nanak. I feel they are taking a step towards the Guru.


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🙏 Thank u.  I just expressed my opinion, based on his sikhi parchaar. 

I admit I might be completely wrong. I dont consider myself wise enough to have full understanding of such things. I respect you and your opinion a LOT.

However, at the sametime- I want to stay out of this “For” or “Against” Mangal D.  group and do not want to form any ideas about any person in this world in my mind. 

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