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Whom should Sikhs first donate?

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It only worth donating to someone/something that's  one time thing or helping someone that has potential. Everything else is wasted. 

Like donating to Bill Gates so he can feed the hungry people in Africa, that's a waste. they eat today they will be hungry tomorrow. 

Helping poor family fix a house, getting rid of someone's debt, etc, these are all useful and approved by the Lord. 

Liberty in North Korea and ECO Sikh are example of good organization to donate to. 

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Whom should Sikhs first donate?


To anybody who is near and really in need, for in all Waheguru resides. 

Donations, help, or sewa, should be nishkam, or say selfless service.

Let us look at the Nature, for example the sunshine or moonlight is equal for all, be it anybody, so if He gives equally to all, for all are His creatures, then why should we be so discriminative.

Karam is not better or lesser, if such discriminations are made, it is our attitude of humility and love for Waheguru which counts in His eyes, when we do nishkam sewa.


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