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why was there no female guru?


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i tried searching for this topic, so if its done already, im sorry i couldn't find it in the search!!

but why was there NO female Guru? i mean guru Nanak said that females are equal as men are. I asked one of the uncles in gurdwara once at camp, he said that in those days only men were listened to, so thats why the gurus chose males. BUt then i am thinking, guru harkirshan was very small, what makes them think a child would be listend too? i think that uncle was trying to help me understand. But i really think that if there was a female guru then im 100% sure some males will see women differently, they would have more respect, not sayiny that they do, i said some! I think all those years that women have suffered will be gone, and its a good thing to have, i mean just one guru could have been female! i am not saying i dislike the gurus because they are male, i am not!!!! im just saying think if there was and im still curious why there was never a female guru in the first place, was it really the time???



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the uncle u asked is very much right, in the times when the sri guru nanak dev ji came to this world there was huge descrimination against women, they were treated as 2nd class citizens and lower then men

i know it sounds kinda bad but if a woman tried to preach anything allot of the males would have too much of an ego to bow to a woman and accept their teachings.. also rememeber that the gurus didnt have an easy time themselves, people threw rocks at sri guru nanak dev ji :shock:

the gurus were males who taught that women are just as equal to men. if a female said "we are equal to men"... people would see her as a 15th century feminist

sri guru nanak dev ji laid out teachings of equal equality over 500 years ago... something the western world has only started practising within this century... :wink:

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All the Guru ji's were chosen for specific qualities not because they were male. Yes the society in that time was heavily male dominated , that might have been a factor but i don't think its really that case.

Women might not be Guru in that time but Lil Princess do u know that only SIKH women at that time were given the leadership of entire states / a collection of villages to do Gurmat parchar?

Guru Amardas ji set up 22 Manjis according to which 22 people had the duty of helping people understand the teachings of Sikhi. 4 of these 22 people were Women. They had to do the men's work ie Go around villages and preach, and do other sewa. So i think Sikh Gurus have demonstrated total equality all the way from Guru Nanak dev ji to Guru Granth Sahib ji.

:LOL: <- smiling :oops:

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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

Some information I recently came across,

Guru Amar Das trained missionaries to spread Sikhism throughout the country. According to one account, of the 146 missionaries Guru Amar Das trained and sent out, 52 were women. At one time the religious seats in the country of Afghanistan and Kashmir were under the jurisdiction of women. These women had complete jurisdiction in decision making as well as preaching to congregations.


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