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Who is Khalsa ?

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Well its sikhs website so we follow khalsa spirit given by Gurus not as word but as spirit. It's spirit and it can take book to define this spirit from the sikhism point of view.

Its not easy for anyone to define khalsa spirit because unless or until you want to follow this spirit you can't feel it or understand it. Its like you can't tell how orange juice tastes unless you drink it. You can't tell how horse riding is unless you ride horse. Its practical spirit given by Gurus which you can understand if you start living and feeling it.

Here is my little try from the scholars point of view and God bless you for asking this wonderful question.

The Khalsa


Sikhi and Khalsa - an exposition


Is 'KHALSA' appropriate as the last name?


The Spirit of Khalsa and the Four Pillars


Sikhism - " Khalsa And It's Emancipatory Logic "....2(end)


Here Guru Gobind singh ji directly explains Khalsa.

"The Khalsa is my exceptional Image,

In the Khalsa ever resides my Spirit.

The Khalsa is my Beloved and Venerable Master,

The Khalsa is my divine Protector.

The Khalsa is my Father and Mother,

The Khalsa is my body and soul.

The Khalsa is embodiment of true and perfect Guru.

The Khalsa is my Gallant and Knightly friend.

I have stated the truth without an iota of misconstruction.

God and Guru Nanak are to this my witnesses."

Guru Gobind Singh, Sarb Loh Granth, (MS), 519-526.

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A Khalsa is one who is pure inside and outside, both bani and bana is needed, bani influences your inner self.

Baba Isher Singh Ji once said when asked a similar question, 'A Sikh needs to have full bana and rehat, in addition to inner kindness and purity, they said let's take an example of an army general. If he wears the uniform, but does not participate in the training, he is not eligible to be called a proper soldier. Also, if he doesn't wear the uniform, but carries out all the training procedures, he still cannot become a soldier. Both are needed, in the same way a Khalsa needs both.' At the end of the day, it is the Guru's Hukam, and that is enough for me.


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guruji says:

He who constantly keeps in mind Intent upon Ever Awake Living Light of Consciousness And never swerves from the thought of One God; And he who is adorned with full faith in Him And is wholly steeped in the Love of the Lord, And even by mistake never puts his faith in fasting Or in worship of tombs, sepulchre or crematoriums, Caring not for pilgrimages, alms, charities, Penances or austerities; Or anything else but devotion to One God; And in whose heart and soul the Divine Light Shines forth as the full moon He is known as Khalsa, the purest of the pure."

(Guru Gobind Singh- Swayas)

also, bhai nand lal singh ji says:

"Khalsa is one who fights in the front ranks.

Khalsa is one who conquers the five evils.

Khalsa is one who destroys doubt.

Khalsa is one who gives up ego;

Khalsa is one who does not stray from his spouse;

Khalsa is one who looks upon all as his own;

Khalsa is one who attunes himself with God."

that should explain it for u

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Who is the khalsa?, Orginal Khalsa are the panj piare

Names Plus meaings,

Dya, Compassion

Dharam, Jusitce

Himat, Courage

Mokham, discipline

Sahib, Leadership/Sovereignty

that way i thought of it, is that a khalsa must have these quailties, also i think that the order is also important, becasue with out compassion you will not be able to do Justice Fairly becasue you will have a biased opionion, Also when doing Justice, you need Courge, which you get by being Diciplined. When we attain these four quailties, the fifith of Leadership comes to us.

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