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Moment two brothers are reunited for the first time in 74 years


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'Don't cry, we're finally together after all these years!' Heartwarming moment two brothers separated by India's 1947 partition are reunited after 74 YEARS Muhammad Siddique and Habib alias Shela were reunited after 74 years apart Heartwarming footage shows the brothers sobbing as they meet in Kartarpur
The brothers were separated when British India was divided in the 1947 partition In 1947, British rule ended in India and it became two regions - India and Pakistan This is the heartwarming moment that two brothers who were separated by the 1947 partition of India were reunited after 74 years apart. Muhammad Siddique and Habib alias Shela, who are both believed to be in their eighties, were separated in 1947, when British rule ended in India and it was divided into two independent regions - India and Pakistan.
At least 20million people were displaced during the largest mass migration in human history in 1947, while visas between India and Pakistan have remained difficult to obtain since.
But the two brothers were reunited in Kartarpur, Pakistan, after Habib travelled from the Phullanwal area of the Indian Punjab to meet his younger brother Saddiq, who lives in Faisalabad, Pakistan, local media reported. Heartwarming footage shows the moment the two men laid eyes on each other at the Kartarpur Corridor - a visa-free border crossing between the two countries that opened in 2019.
In the clip, the two brothers walk towards each other before bursting into tears of joy as they throw their arms around each other in a tight embrace. As they hold each other, one of the brothers says: 'Don't cry, don't worry, we've finally reunited after all these years, don't cry.'
The brothers both wipe tears from their eyes as they finally reunite, with the emotional moment seeming to overwhelm them. After reconnecting with his brother, Habib praised the Kartarpur Corridor for helping to reunite families who have been separated for years, according to local media reports. The brothers were separated during the 1947 partition of India, with Habib growing up on the Indian side of the partition line, while Saddiq lived on the Pakistani side.
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