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Misuse of Golden Temple Name & Image? What do you think?


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Dear Sangat Ji,

I came across a letter this morning which had been sent to a friend from Mastercard and/or the “Golden Temple Credit Corporation” encouraging him to apply for a “Golden Temple Approved” Golden Temple Platinum Plus MasterCard. The image of the credit card was complete with a photo of our beloved temple as well as its name in both English and Gurmukhi.

My initial impression of the letter and image was negative. I felt and still feel that the use of the image and name of the Harimandir Sahib in this manner is both demeaning and insulting to our common religious heritage. I’m disgusted but not shocked that there are members of our community out there who would try to use symbols of our faith for profit. I checked out the Golden Temple Credit Corporation’s website (www.goldentemplecc.com) and nowhere did I see that the corporation was a non-profit organization or that any of the funds earned from the use of the credit card were to go back to the temple. Even if they were, I would still object to having the Harimandir Sahib portrayed in this fashion. I can’t imagine Muslims or Catholics being happy to see pictures of the Kaaba or St. Paul’s Cathedral on plastic. It just smacks of being really cheap and degrading.

I wanted to ask the rest of you how you all feel regarding this issue. Is this credit card scheme something beneficial to our religious community? Is it a good thing for people to start businesses which use the names and images of holy Sikh shrines for purposes of profit? The website claims that they are promoting the Sikh religion but I somehow doubt their sincerity and true intentions. I would be very interested to hear your opinions.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

Kalyan Singh

PS. The letter which was sent to my friend had in bold letters across the top "GOLDEN TEMPLE APPROVED". I wonder if the SGPC has anything to do with this scheme or whether the corporation is making a false claim. Hmmmm ...

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It does disgust me that the name of Siri Harimandar Sahib is being used in this way...

"ddit(h)ae sabhae thhaav nehee thudhh jaehiaa ||

I have seen all places, but none can compare to You.

badhhohu purakh bidhhaathai thaa(n) thoo sohiaa ||

The Primal Lord, the Architect of Destiny, has established You; thus You are adorned and embellished.

vasadhee saghan apaar anoop raamadhaas pur ||

Ramdaspur is prosperous and thickly populated, and incomparably beautiful.

harihaa(n) naanak kasamal jaahi naaeiai raamadhaas sar ||10||

O Lord! Bathing in the Sacred Pool of Raam Daas, the sins are washed away, O Nanak. ||10||"

And yes it's disgusting what the SGPC are doing :evil:

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I think this is totally wrong! And to add to the offense, the 3HO Sikhs have a large website dedicated to the Sikh dharma (www.sikhnet.com) but also exploit the name of our holiest temple by profiting off of its name...with a line of internationally-distributed foods bearing the "Golden Temple" brand name.

Including desecrating the name of God by creating a malt-nut bar called "Wha'guru Chew".

I find it to be deeply disapointing, and disturbing.

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