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why nihang singhs do ----------- ?

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Guest Javanmard

Doing parikrama anti-clock wise is a sign of provocation against Brahmanical values in the same way as Maharaj threw water in the opposite direction in Haridvar. If you look at our traditions you will see that there is a lot inversion and transgression of brahmanical rules.

Brahmins say we should be veggies: we keep jhatka and make it a point to hold it as a sacred institution.

Brahmins have their janeu going from the left to the right, we have our gatra (which is our janeu) from the right to the left.

Brahmins keep langota to repress their sexuality, we keep big kachere because we believe that there is nothing wrong with legitimate sex

Brahmins say only they can be scholars or pandit, we say anyone can and the proof is that the majority of Nirmala Pandits are Jatts: the big exception in India

Brahmins say that to be a saint you have to be non-violent, we honour our shastars as the true manifestation of Shakti

and people have the guts to call us Nirmale and Nihangs hindus!!! :LOL: They're even more brahmanistic than Hindus themselves!!!! :LOL::LOL:

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Doing parkarma around anything signifies that you consider that person/object/entity/being to be the most important in your life...

Anti-clockwise parkarma also signifies that you defy the cycle of "Kaal" (which traditionally is seen to revolve clockwise). In addition, it also means when one does parkarma that the kirpan carried (usually on the left) faces towards the inside of the parkarma, so u salute weapons at the same time...if the kirpan is on the right, it is usually removed and held in the hands or moved to the left during parkarma.

Clockwise parkarma within Sanatan Sikhi is very taboo...seen as a sign of "Ferengi" Sikhi (Sikhi that has been maligned by the Western Malesh Lokh)

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this might be completely irrelevant, but there is a tendency for things in nature to move anti-clockwise. eg the Earth revolves anti-clockwise around the Sun.

For some reason every1 always thinks that clockwise is the best way to go.

In fact, I was wondering today what would happen if someoone (ie me!) went anti-clockwise around Guru Maharaj when getting married. People would be dazzled :? !

Also, in India, don't we walk anti-clockwise around the Gurdware before entering (its been a long time since I went)?

But like I said, this might be totally irrelevant.

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nah its very relevant as everything which moves anti clockwise in nature is moving around its source,

Planets around the sun,

Electrons around the nucleus or whatever,

Nihangs still walk around anti clockwise this includes during their weddings, and naamdharis aslo do the same.

Other then the above mentioned to groups, you will not find anyone else walking anti clockwise around gurdvaras, clcokwise has become the normal.

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As far as I know there are 3 reasons 

forgive me if I am wrong 

although in Kavi santokh singhs Nanak parkash guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaaj did parkarma clockwise of mool mantar 

1)when you do ur parkarma anti clockwise your Shastar is also in your left side and does a parkarma with you 

2)when you put a Shastar in front of Maharaaj or wield a sword the blade should always be facing away from Maharaaj so when you wield your sword if you have to when you are doing parkarma anti clockwise and you wield your sword your kirpan is on your right ready to defend.

3)a clock rotates clockwise which is time to show Maharaaj is beyond time/timeless they do parkarma anti-clockwise and this is considered to be the main reason

forgive me for any mistakes 

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