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any black magic removal expert


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1 hour ago, sn9 said:

continous headache,sleeping problem,body pain and some other problems.

do u know any expert to remove it

Thats really terrible veer ji what you mentioned. Believe me i know from personal experience this stuff is not nice and is life wrecking. I would suggest to do paath jaap of Bramh Kavach 32 times minimum and one paath of shastar naam mala also kirtan sohila at least 5 times before bed. I heard this is katha by gyani thakur singh.

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On 4/21/2022 at 12:38 PM, mahanpaapi said:

what you are going through is metaphysically real! sorry to hear that.

based on my experiences of three decades, seeing people suffering from this malady and the doubly exploited by the removers, it seems that at this point there is unlikely anybody who can remove black magic. it may sound preposterous, but that is a reality.

you need someone who not only can remove your spell, but has the ability to hold and release the intruder so it does not get into somebody else, further the remover must have sufficient power to protect himself from the counter attack, which often happens.

i do not want to demoralize you but warn you of those who claim to remove that, there are millions from all faiths, in Sikhi from almost all samprdyas, their first modus operandi to take money from you in advance with a promise to do that, then you will have no recourse to get things done or get money back, and the second one is typically babas and sants, who claim to do a certain kind of paath for a hefty "bheta," and then tell you Maharaaj Ji not accept your ardaas etc

if there is any genuine and authentic remove, that he will not take money from you, remove it instantly or ask you to do a particular paath and use his spiritual power through the paath to gradually remove it, and no money at all. So please don't get into the business of removal.

and you can only do your own paath, miracles may happen or not, you have no control over it. 

Grab the Salotar and Gurbani and get busy lol. Beating on the unseen. 

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On 4/23/2022 at 7:41 AM, mahanpaapi said:

first suffering from black magic suffering and then suffering from those who claim to remove that; in my presence these babas have quoted and taken 65,000.00 Indian rupees or about $ 1000.00 for sampat paaths, with no results at all! frankly,

Do you think some of those cases could have been Medical (Psychological) problems?


Bhul chuk maaf

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