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Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva


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What does Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji say about Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva ?

Did God create the 3 of them OR do people just give 3 different names for different aspects of God?

I think I read somewhere that God created them but they themselves started to think they were Gods.

How much is mythology and how much is true?

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comes in Jap Ji sahib.

eaekaa maaee jugath viaaee thin chaelae paravaan

eik sa(n)saaree eik bha(n)ddaaree eik laaeae dheebaan ||

Akal gave birth to all three, the creator, the sustainer and the destory.

Brahm, Visnhu and Shiva Ji.

That's wrong translation I'm afraid.Satguru Nanak says:

Ekaa Mai Jugat Viaa-ee, Tin Chele Parvaan.

The One Mother (Maya/Aad Shakti) became pregnant by some special union (Jugat Viaa-ee).Jugat Viaa-ee = special/magical union; and gave birth to three disciples.

Now listen up, Ekaa Maee is Aad Shakti, Primal Energy.She unites with Ishvar, which is Primal Consciousness.From the union of Primal Consciousness and Primal Energy are born the Trai-gun, the three qualities of Nature: Rajo Gun, Satto Gun, Tamo Gun.These are anthropomorphically and mythically represented by the Trimurti:

Brahma = Rajo gun; Vishnu = Satto Gun; Mahesh = Tamo Gun

Understand this.These Trai-gun are present in the macrocosm and microcosm (your body).

It is obvious from Gurbani and other Indian scriptures that the Trai-gun are concscious living beings, that is why they have been given the anthropomorphic faces of Brahma, vishnu and Mahesh, along with fanciful, but inspiring and knowledgeable stories.

They have been represented as gods for an obviously good reason.Learn what each Gun satnds for and you'll see what I mean.

Do you feel anger?Passion?Energetic?Desirous?Lusting?That's Brahma or Rajo Gun.

Feeling lucid?Compassionate?Serene?Clear headed?Pure?That's Vishnu or Satto Gun.

Feeling depressesd?Unclear head?Lazy?Morbid?Slow?That's Mahesh or Tamo gun.

See how these Trai-gun are gods now?They can control us.But there is a way it said that they (Trai-gun/Trimurti) can become your servants.How I wonder? :twisted:How?

It is said that the Trai-gun can be (and has been) experienced via meditation.Perhaps as different coloured Roshanee (light)?

There are millions and millions of universes, each with there own Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.Servants of Vahiguru, and Vahiguru de Bhagat.

Vahiguru Sacche Patshah.

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Thanks for the reply,

Lately I have been reading alot of stuff about Bhai Randheer Singh Ji on the internet and he and sangat always seen colors when they did kirtan, maybe that is what you are tlkaing about.

Maybe that's due to hyperventilation.A red veil colours vision when you hyperventilate.I've experienced it.Not recommended.

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Opps, completely got the wrong end of the stick.. Ah well.

Im guessing that people can jump from any of these gun and be in one or all at the same time? is that correct to say?

Yes, except the Trai-gun are mostly in control.Only Brahmgyani is in control of Trai-gun, in control of gods no less!

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