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Cineworld cancels The Lady of Heaven film screenings after protests


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Cineworld has cancelled all UK screenings of a film about the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, after it prompted protests outside some cinemas. 

The cinema chain said it made the decision "to ensure the safety of our staff and customers".

More than 120,000 people have signed a petition for The Lady of Heaven film to be pulled from UK cinemas. 

The Bolton Council of Mosques called the film "blasphemous" and "underpinned with a sectarian ideology".

But the film's producer, Malik Shlibak, said "no one should dictate for the British public what they can and cannot watch or discuss", describing the protesters as "fringe groups". 

'Disrespects esteemed individuals'

The film, which was released in UK cinemas on 3 June, claims to tell the story of Lady Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. 

It has been criticised by some groups for depicting the Prophet Muhammad - which is seen as an insult in Islam - and for its portrayal of prominent revered figures in early Sunni Islam. 

It was pulled from the Cineworld chain after reported protests in Bolton, Birmingham and Sheffield.

In Bolton, more than 100 people protested outside the cinema, Bolton News reported.

In an email to Cineworld - reported by Bolton News - Bolton Council of Mosques chairman Asif Patel said the film was "underpinned with a sectarian ideology" and "misrepresents orthodox historical narratives and disrespects the most esteemed individuals of Islamic history".

The Muslim news site 5Pillars also shared a picture on Twitter of what it said showed 200 Muslims protesting against the film outside a Birmingham branch of Cineworld on Sunday.


Protests over The Lady Of Heaven film have taken place in Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, Bolton, Blackburn and Birmingham.




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