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Sri Gur Sobha

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Following are early Sikh references of historical books and manuscripts mentioning different compositions and poetry from Dasam Granth:


17th century resources


Sri Gur Katha, Bhai Jaita


Sri Gur Katha is work of Bhai Jiwan Singh, composed in the last decade of the seventeenth century,[11] does not mention about Dasam Granth but does mention Chopai (Charitar 404), Savaiyey(Akal Ustat) and Jaap Sahib recitation during creation of Khalsa Panth.[12]


18th century resources


Rehitnama, Bhai Prehlad Singh


This booklet contains short poem having 38 couplets written by Bhai Prehlad Singh in the early 18th century, whose hymn, Sab Sikhan ko Hukam hai Guru Maneyo Granth, is heavily quoted among Sikhs.[13] This Rahitnama mentioned first composition of Dasam Granth i.e. Jaap Sahib, a Sikh liturgy. Following is a quote from the same:

ਬਿਨਾ 'ਜਪੁ' 'ਜਾਪੁ' ਜਪੇ, ਜੋ ਜੇਵਹਿ ਪਰਸਾਦਿ ||

One who is spending life(doing religious activities) without Understanding of Japuji Sahib and Jaap Sahib,

ਸੋ ਬਿਸਟਾ ਕਾ ਕਿਰਮ ਹੂਇ, ਜਨਮ ਗਵਾਵੈ ਬਾਦ ||

he is living insect of excreta and will lose this birth.


Rehatnama Hazuri, Bhai Chaupa Singh


This Rehitnama is the most elaborate statement of rules of conduct for the Sikhs which is traditionally ascribed to Bhai Chaupa Singh Chhibbar concluded AD 1702–1706.[13] This rehitnama states various lines from different Banis of Dasam Granth.


Sri Gur Sobha, Poet Senapati


This historical book was completed by Senapati, The court poet of Guru Gobind Singh, after his demise in 1711.[14] The source does not mention about Dasam Granth as Granth was compiled later to this source by Mani Singh. Though, this source mentioned the content of Bachitar Natak and Kalki Avtar.

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