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I suggest turning your currency into precious metal coins. This blustering man baby is going to fully destroy the economy if he doesn't simply lose the whole country if he doesn't cause nuclear war. Really God? Kennedy gets shot and Biden is just cruising along almost dead trying to take us all with him?

If Biden was my last name. I'd change it. Their clan's card. Pulled. Denied. Not irish. 

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20 minutes ago, GurjantGnostic said:

So after three years of obviously suprious claims about covid and a vaccine. They're gonna try and do the same with monkey pox?

A second invisible pandemic? That has reached national threat levels? And again...nobody is sick?

But we need untested vaccines again?

Come on. Yawn. 

Are they making the vaccine for monkey pox mandatory?


Bhul chuk maaf

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13 minutes ago, Sajjan_Thug said:

Do you if puratan sampradays have already come up with the cure by using brahmgyanies?

High awesta Sants should already know what was going to happen and probably developed a cure in advance already?

And yes they have. It's called a functioning immune system bolstered by healthy disciplines and Simran. 

It makes me immortal until it doesn't, har kirpa. 

And yes they done told you bro, this is Kalyug. Expect bullshit. 

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19 minutes ago, Singh2022 said:

@GurjantGnostic Bro I believe it is primarily affecting gay folks so the average person shouldn't be impacted. 

I think @Sajjan_Thug is exposing the fake claims of pakhandi sadhs and Christian's who claim they have the power to wipe out HIV and Covid19 and cancer in return for a few dollars and some secret mantra's in exchange 

Well...dodged that one lol. Is it sexually transmitted?

I get it. Some fakes out there in all camps. The point or joke was sort of surfacing frequently is all. 

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