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Spamming !!!

Ideal Singh

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i sincerely hope ur not planning 2 misuse that site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:twisted: Well you never know what you can become... Infact I am learning the concept of Spamming... :twisted:

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Ideal singh, if u want i can write u a program that will send an email every minute to u :wink: Then u will learn the joy of getting spammed :P

Some kind of spammingz you wont mind... like you getting 30-40 emails from sikhawareness daily... coz itz helpful... but we have the choice to block the same as well... By spamming we do not necessarily mean grabage messages only... sometimes we can use it to promote our productz... And the interested party would readily click on such mails...

My friend once had patented a wonder drug ( :twisted: , you know what it would be) which he wanted to promote so he spammed it to millions of email id users and the response was enormous... he got orders for it in thousandz...

Everything within a limit is OK... And we can alwayz block... :)

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well...promoting sikhawareness.com by spamming is wrong, to me... i think it's a ridiculous way of promoting..... you're gonna get members who all they say is "damn you and your punks who sent me all these stupid emails"

i dunno if you want that....

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