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Time To Go Home


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this is such an awesome poem.. probably one of the best ive read - read it and find out urself :D


Bang! Bang they knocked on the door,

When I opened it I was amazed at what I saw,

Reflecting steel, with swords that were real,

I asked who they were, they responded with zeal,

“We are the Khalsa the Gurus soldiers,†they said,

I asked what they wanted; they said “my headâ€

I nearly fainted as I tried to shut the door,

My legs had given up on me as I knelt on the floor,

One of the Soldiers assisted me to stand on my feet,

He said “giving my head would make me completeâ€,

“How can that be†I replied with a trembling voice,

They said don’t fear you will see and you do have the choice,

The wise old soldier started to recite some hymns,

I felt an amazing energy running through my limbs,

It rushed all the way to the centre of my head,

Then an explosion of light, was I dead?

I dared to look and I was amazed,

Was this real or was I in a daze.

I saw myself in the Khalsa form,

I was being baptised I was being reborn,

It was me I was dressed in blue,

Wearing the turban and long flowing beard to,

And around my side was a fierce looking sword,

It was a gift from the Guru the Lord,

But if this was I who was that man?

I could not resist so towards him I ran,

I was out of breath but I said to him “who are you, if your not meâ€

He smiled and replied “ I am you and you are me it’s not that we are different it’s just the way we seeâ€

I saw love, courage and truth in his eyes,

He smiled and said, “this is the you when your ego diesâ€

I saw the other soldiers work towards me,

I saw their truth it was blinding me,

I could not take it I wanted their peace,

I knelt down before then offering my head with ease,

The sword was glorious within it’s reflection I could see infinity,

I was so blessed to give my head to this divinity,

Just as the sword was about to strike,

I awoke and put on the light,

I cried as I looked in the mirror and saw my face,

It was bare, no flowing beard no Guru’s Grace,

Was it a dream? Or maybe just a illusion of the mind,

Then I heard a voice say “The Guru is gracious the Guru is kindâ€

Was somebody there or was I alone?

Then the voice said, “you have wandered for many births it is now time to come homeâ€.

:yo: :sikhiwink2: :bow:

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