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Panjabi Language, Can you really make every sound.

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fateh y'all.

We hear these panjabi teachers saying that in the panjabi language you can me any sound possible.

So, i ask the question, why is it that the elder panjabi speaking people can't say W.

For example, how would a indian say, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Weather, Wonderful, Women. etc.

Is there a W sound in panjabi?? if so, what character is it...

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lol i think ur punjabi teacher is wrong! i don't think that punjabi can make every sound! but they do have wierd sounds!! i remember getting stuck on kaka and khakha, chacha, shasha, thatha, dhadha, dada, omg i can go onnnnnn forever and those yaya and stuff! omgg my punjabi school teacher would be yellin at me for hours trying to get those sounds! its hard i guess if you don't know it fluently, thaz why punjabi peepz can't say the W, they say V and the Z they say J! lol its juz the pronounciation...


ps. never trust a punjabi teacher, they lie a lot! (well mine did!)

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