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Sikh Models

Mr §ingh

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i think sardars being models is GREAT!!! its something that we all support because all you see are those white people and the occasional black person, the market needs to experiance some culture, ive seen one AD in seventeen a couple of years ago with a sadar and a newspaper, hez originally from montreal, i forgot his name though, he knows j-lo!!! Well i dunno if modelling is appropriate for a sikh site... nothing really to do with sikhism.. but i think its great thing to have in the market! All you see if there is an indian model is CUT HAIR PEEPS! anywayz respect to all the male sadar models out there!


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any job that is not

newsagent selling alcohol or tobacco

model walking up and down a catwalk :LOL:


pop singer



in the indian army

im not saying its forbidden, its just a fruitcake job.......i mean when u say "male model" what do u think of........other than the fact that it involves alot of ego and vanity.....

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more articles

here i've got a list of things i want to add from SIkhawareness forum:

Sikhism Articles

What is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Why do we keep our hair?

Hair Vs Nails

Sikh identity

"Hair Power" -> God's Gift

Bhai Taru Singh Jee gave his life but not his hair!!

Why are you carrying a dagger?

Gurbani and Science

52 Hukams of Guru Govind Singh ji

Sikh Glossary

More quotes from SGGS

5 Moral Evils & 8 Virtues

Inspiring Story about Ipninder Singh

Kesdhar Models

I know articles such as 5 Moral Evils & 8 Virtues is kaur 1699 and

What is Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Ks'

Gurbani and Science & Bhai Taru Singh Jee gave his life but not his hair!!

is GUrpreet Kaurs


Hair Vs Nails is from N3o Singh ji and so is

Why do we keep our hair?

i want to know if i've got your permission to post this on my website

i will obviously write that it is written by you :?

so waht do you guys say?

thanx a lot :D

jus want to get ur permission

if any of te other articles belong to you

just send me a pm :D

if any of you DONT want me to put it up just tell me here :)

Oh btw i wont put ANYRTHING up without your permission :)

FAteh ji :D

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