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Tri Chitra and Dasam Granth


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The best interpretation of Treh Charittar (aka Charitropakhyaan) is that by Pandit Narayan Singh Ji (...within Dasam Guru Durbar Steek 8 Vols) in Punjabi.

There is an English interpretation available in 2 volumes by Pritpal Bindra.

However, Pritpal Bindra is pro-SGPC, and very anti-Dasam Guru Durbar (as anyone who keeps in touch with his works will know) and his agenda is to make the Charitropakhyaan appear anti-Gurmat and debunk much of Dasam Guru Durbar. He has paradoxically made this section of Dasam Guru Durbar more available for people to read.

Bindra's interpretation does not tally with the interpretation of Pandit Narayan Singh Ji's works, or for that matter those individuals who have received traditional Santhia of Dasam Guru Durbar (eg, Nirmalas, Nihangs, Udhasis, and some Taksali Sikhs).

Bindra himself has never received any formal Santhia of Dasam Guru Durbar, or for that matter of any of the ancient texts that are required reading for any scholar attempting to produce works such as interpretations of scriptures. When questioned about his training by many individuals such as Dalip Singh, he refused to comment. That in itself makes his work questionable.

Those who want a warped and twisted interpretation, or a simple shortcut to reading Charitropakhyaan can use Bindra's works :wink:

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