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Conflict Resolution - Marriage breaking up


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Is there a way to resolve conflicts in a marriage in a situation where the other party is not even willing to sit down and discuss what went wrong and steps taken to correct them?

Talking to elders in the community is not working as the family is adamant on getting a divorce.


1. Husband and Wife ( Husband not living with wife, Job in a different State).

2. Husband and Wifes family have a communication problem, which no one was willing to address, situation deteriorated.

3. Wife under pressure from Husbands family

4. Outsiders encouraging wife to seek divorce so she is for ever in debt to them

thanks ...

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in many situations 3rd partys can put allot of stress onto a relationship

if that was me - i would tell my family and her family to step out of this and talk 1-2-1 with the missus

give her a ring and tell her that we need to see where each of us stand and to talk about the current problem

if she agrees then thats one step done... if not - no harm in persuing - but if this is to of no evail then you may want to ask a neutral family member to talk to her

if you do meet up then settle ur differences, dont say shes wrong - and ur right.. accept ur faults and accept hers - no one is perfect

relationships should be of comprimise and not one sided, you may not like some things but u will have to accept them if you really wish your marraige to stay together

best thing is to be sympathetic and understanding... if she points out ur faults then you must make note of them, and visa versa

kick out all 3rd partys for the mean time... and come to a resolution - its ur relationship you should be able to sort it out.. :D

good luck

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Steel Veer ji,

Thanks for the words of advice.

have tried to ring her up, after 5 years of being together, she said any further contact, she would call the cops.

this was a love marriage to begin with

she in the total control of her family - a neutral member of her family was basically asked to be involved.

asked my family not to be involved

i do not believe in the blame game, but would just like to sit down and sort things out.

her father and mother are willing, but her brother and his wife are adamant about breaking up the marriage.

she and her familiy are treating me as an enemy.

She is a professional

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ohh acha i gotcha.. well sorry to say but things do seem bleek

if u have any contact with her parents ask em to talk to her.. if still no then i guess ull have to file for divorce... theres no need being in a dead end relationship and u need to get on with ur life... whether its remarry or stay single... u need to put ur past behind u

give it a try thru her folks. otherwise i dont see any need clutching onto straws...

good luck

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