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Low production quality, high info content on Masons

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7 hours ago, Premi said:

You watched it all ? It's over 5 hours...

I watched it twice. Although there are some long segments of photos to music and I napped a bit during some of those. 

But the explanations of the hidden signals and the explanation of who they worship are what you need to know and what it's about mainly. 

I'm developing a series of anti masonic gestures. Permutations of their own. Designed subtly to say admin cut satan and admin cut masons. I have a number of masonic and satanist friends, who individually I don't mind seeing, but in terms of hegemony? Gotta nip it in the bud and keep it out our houses. 

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Like a middle finger over the lips instead of their sign of silence. 

No handshakes. 

Using the hands to make binoculars or turn the sixes they make with their hands over their eyes upside down into nines. 

Holding the kirpan gatra at the same angle as the hidden hand and pointing up not down. 

Then we all start making the secret gestures in photos and let the masons figure out what we're clearly saying. 

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3 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:


Remember the masonic sign of silence that I wanted to homage with the middle digit? I've been beat to it. 


But here he is here


to disambiguate I will have to use an open mouth I suppose. 

Mmm looks like he isn't a mason. Maybe his first gesture was a genuine f u. 

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