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21 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:

Doesn't warrant it's own thread, but check out who's making tea in the back of their sweet ambulance...



3 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:

This is what the rest looks like. 


Her name is Kar Kirpa. 

Sorry, don't follow...

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I swear it's like she wants and likes helping people. She's a beast. Been driving people around in the snow. Seats 7 and has a bar to hold as well. Giving stuff out the back. Playing Kirtan. I mughta hit the lights once. Ahem. 

Have hand sani, food and tp for the homless. Water. 

Basic first aid. And Shastar Ashastar on demand. 

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If anybody is ever going to purchase an ambulance and convert it let me know. There's some fine points to the title and insurance. 

I recommend Gurudware and Sangat buy them at auction for bug out vehicles,  chakarvarti lifestyle, and being mobile seva platforms. They're heavily suped up mechanically and electrically. 

I myself am going to be buying, and reselling them. But Kar Kirpa Sahib is mine..  Kar Kirpa

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