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Maratha Empire vs Sikhs

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3 hours ago, chatanga1 said:

Thanks for informing us. I have noticed that there is a twitter tidal wave of indian vitriol against the Sikh people as a whole.

I would have to re-read the books of Hari Ram Gupta as I cannot recall these details. It's been a long time since I read them.

But the post itself is a way of our Maratha brothers making themselves feel better because ultimately they were a failure. They had massive armies, outnumbering Sikhs at least threefold. They had superior weapons to the Sikhs, as they began using artillery way before the Sikhs did, as Sikhs were still fighting mainly as cavalry.

What did the Maratha army acheive in the long term? They never managed to hold onto their own stronghold of Maharashtra.

And whats amusing is, that these Maratha supremacists revel in their fights against the Sikhs, of which they won some, but also lost some. Why fight Sikhs who essentially were sons of the soil? This only strengthened the outsider powers. What exactly did they achieve against the British or the Afghans?


I'll see if I can look up some info about this over the weekend.

Bro they've gone rabid all over the web and the zionists are all up in it. Blue Star 2. 

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Just a quick comment. The earlier Marattas were all about desh bhakti but the later marattas were loot and plunder. As for Abdali vs marattas ( 30,000 marattas dead 20,000 Afghans) considering Abdali had local Allies pretty good. Both were mauled and quickly signed a peace treaty.



Please do comment 

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