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Spa centers in punjab involved in flesh trade!

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I hv been hearing from a lot of people that the spa centers opening in large numbers all over punjab are in reality flesh trade centers. 

The police must be knowing all about it and they hv finally caught one spa center in my city to show they r doing something. 

We need Khalsa state and Khalsa police to save punjab from moral degradation.

Present police actually sides with criminals to get money from them.

They do drama and catch 1 or 2 criminals to show they are doing something.


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28 minutes ago, GurjantGnostic said:

Especially war hit women wind up in sex trade. 

Punjabis were known to save women and today many of them are ready to use war hit women.

We need Khalsa state and Khalsa police.

Indian politicians, judiciary, police and media is all MAHA FUDDUU.

Recently I had to fight for my ancestral land in UP and the police over there is not police but motherfucker PIMPS.

They chew tobacco 24 hours and hv no fear of God.

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