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Shop owner from Derby who caught suspected shoplifter was ordered to release him by police

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Wonder if the Police would have treated him differently if he was white...

Shop owner from Derby who caught suspected shoplifter was ordered to release him by police

    Tuesday 28 February 2023 at 4:15pm

A shop owner from Derby who caught a suspected shoplifter, and trapped him inside the shop, was told he would be arrested if he didn't release him.

Jarnail Singh Atwal caught the man allegedly attempting to steal a tub of washing machine tablets at his shop, Broomhall Off Licence in Chaddesden on 17 February.

The 67-year-old owner then locked the doors so that the man was unable to escape. The man then threatened to set the shop on fire.

When Mr Atwal called Derbyshire police, he was told to set the man free or face prosecution, as he posed a threat to the other members of the public who were also trapped inside.

The man was then freed, without the box of tables that he was allegedly attempting to steal.

He added: “I locked the door and phoned the police. But the police responded telling me to ‘let him out or we’ll prosecute you’.

"It’s disgusting, is there any chance [of finding him] now? I don’t know who he was and if they need any evidence, it was recorded.

"They could have prosecuted him straight away.”

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