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Targeted comments, pessimist views, speak ur mind...


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hey!! ssa!

i jus thought i say a lot of peepz now and days are being very pessimistic! and its driving me crazy! Someone told me that there was no point in trying to stand up for equality, "bang" that hit me. Yes maybe they are right that equality will never exist, and that life might not be the best. But for right now at this moment and the future people can make a difference, even if no one wants to follow... I have to hate against anyone. I may dislike someone, but i don't hate them because of what they are. People need to understand that if you try ur best to make everyone happy (even tho this may seem hard) and even try your best to make those stereotypes and rude comments, life does become easier, and you do feel successful.

I think people these days are abusing the power to say what they want, you need to think of how they grew up and how they didn't. Be it if they are gay, black or a "fob" one shouldn't start using language to inferiorate this person. For example: "that is so GAY" how is that a insult? this just proves that you are homophobic and that you have no respect to people. Comments like these altho it may seem normal to use this insult is degrading and stupid. TO say "THATS SO BLACk" Or "he dresses black" is also a stereotype, people think that just beccause someone says one thing its the right to say it. I hate it when people say those comments, and i do speak my mind when i hear them. So i just thought i should bring this up, don't tolerate any type of stereotype, even if its not targetted at you or not. I am not GAY, but i am not going to tolerate a homophobic person making a homophobic targeted comment. ITS STUPID, and im sorry if some of you fall in this trap.

--one love

ps. this isn't targeted at anyone, this has been buggin me for a LONG time and i think its a time to hear other people stories and thoughts, what ya think?

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yeah it might not look "right" but thats how someone dresses, and we can't judge someone by how they dress, but thats the reason why must ONE use that stereotypical comment to label someone??? this one guy in my school hes white, bald and wears FUBU all the time, you would think he would like rap and talk "ghetto" but he doesn't hes very good at debates and loves heavy metal... now if people stopped putting people in boxes and judging them and USING stereotypical comments maybe they can see the real person, instead of seeing thats just wrong....

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